The band Woodhwak- (R-L) Turner Midzain, Mike Badmington, Kevin Nelson. Photo Credit: Mario Montes.
The band Woodhwak (R-L): Turner Midzain, Mike Badmington, Kevin Nelson. Photo Credit: Mario Montes.

Following their 2014 self titled EP “Woodhawk”, the band Woodhawk will be releasing their first Album on April 7, 2017. The new album is called “Beyond the Sun” and has nine tracks that will have you take notice of this power trio from Calgary, Alberta. It was produced by Jesse Gander and Woodhawk and recorded at Rain City Records in Vancouver, BC.

Woodhawk has been compared to bands like Black Sabbath, and after listening to the album, they are not too far off. The power trio consists of Turner Midzain (Guitar/Vocals), Mike Badmington (Bass/Vocals) and Kevin Nelson (Drums).

Despite the sci-fi cover, the album is packed with fuzz tone power riffs and clear vocals that you cannot help but want more. With songs like ‘Beyond the Sun’, ‘The High Priest’ and ‘Lawless-Beyond the Sun’, you cannot help but get pumped up and wanting more.

Another track that caught my attention was ‘Foresee the Future’. Event thought the track is only 2:13; it takes the listener on a journey, in to the future with the smooth guitar riffs and feedback at the end.

To check out the album, go to the bands website or band camp for details.


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Release Date: April 7, 2017

1. Beyond The Sun (3:57)
2. The High Priest (4:46)
3. Living In The Sand (6:03)
4. Magnetic North (4:13)
5. Lawless (3:06)
6. Quest For Clarity (4:14)
7. A New Hope (4:49)
8. Forsee The Future (2:12)
9. Chrononaut (5:19)

Album Length: 38:42

Album Credits:
Organ and Synth performed by Jesse Gander
Guest Vocals on “Living In The Sand” – Kevin Keegan
Recorded at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver BC
Engineered and Mixed by Jesse Gander
Mastered by Brad Boatright of Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon
Produced by Jesse Gander and Woodhawk
Album artwork by Mark Kowalchuk
Member of SOCAN
MAPL / CanCon