Trivium performing on stage at The Barrowlands, Glasgow.

 Trivium announced the 33 date European tour towards the end of last year and felt it would be an honour to complete the ‘Silence In The Snow’ album tour in the UK and Europe. Providing support to the US superstars are British progressive metal band SikTh and highly talked about 5 piece rock band Shvpes.

As the world renowned Barrowlands Ballroom fills Shvpes take to the stage to kick off the night with amazing set full of energy and power.

Griffin Dickinson of Shvpes.

The opening song for the night was False Teeth (Pain. Joy. Ecstasy. Despair, 2016) and it was a solid performance with distorted guitars and strong vocals from Griffin Dickinson. Dickinson is definitely following in his fathers’ steps with a distinctive sound and very dominate stage presence. All of the songs played during the set this evening are off Shvpes debut album Pain. Joy. Ecstasy. Despair which was released in October 2016. This being the fact the boys from Birmingham have already gained a lot of experience on the touring circuit supporting such household names as Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine and Fightstar along with several festivals, Download and Slam Dunk to name a couple and this was obvious throughout their set this evening.

This is definitely a band to watch out for as they will soon be known to all. Amazing set guys…

Mikee W. Goodman of SikTh

The second support slot this evening was filled by British progressive band SikTh. They had a tough act to follow after Shvpes powerful and energetic performance and did not disappoint! The set started with Philistine Philosophies (Opacities, 2015) and exploded into life as Mikee W. Goodman and Joe Rosser took to the stage using the full width of the venue, getting the crowds attention, with their vocals and energy. Dan Weller provided a powerful guitar sound with exceptional playing while the cool but accurate James Leach cruised through on bass. SikTh’s set included favourites such as Flogging the Horses, Skies of Millennium Night and ended with Bland Street Bloom with the request of a “Wall of Death” from Goodman. The Glasgow crowd never hesitated and initiated the mosh pit as Goodman watched from his position on stage.

SikTh performance was strong with an extremely tight rhythm section, wide range of vocal talent and exceptional guitar playing.

Iron Maiden’s infamous fan favourite Run to the Hills started as the venues lights fade to black, with the large Barrowlands crowd of around 1200 singing the entire song to its finish. Now in darkness, Trivium’s set begins to an all to familiar Glasgow favourite, “Here we, Here we, Here we f@cking go…” chant. The End of Everything (Ascendancy, 2005) starts to play through the house system as Trivium take to the stage. The haunting sound of choir and piano ends and the volume is turned up as Matt Heafy, Corey Beaulieu, Paolo Gregoletto and Alex Bent increase the speed and fire into Rain (Ascendancy, 2005).

Blistering speed, neck wrenching windmilling, crowd encouragement, the distinctive sound of Heafy’s vocals and the usual tongue pose are all present within the first 15 seconds of the band taking the stage.

This looks to be the start of an amazing show…

The first of three songs from ‘Silence In The Snow’ was Rise Above the Tides. Alex Bent did well to keep the beat with an extremely fast tempo and use of double bass. Gregoletto, the other half of the rhythm section would move from stage left and right interacting with the crowd before lending support in vocals.

Heafy interacted with the crowd before introducing the next song in the set, “Two words for you, The Deceived” as the crowd cheered Heafy replied “You like the oldies…” at that moment the talented Alex Bent continued into the calf destroying drumming intro.

Before moving into the final half of their set Heafy shared his thanks to the both support bands Shvpes and SikTh, sharing a small anecdote of meeting a 12 year old Griffin Dickinson after a show in London and having the opportunity to have SikTh tour with them, a favourite for Heafy and Trivium.

Memorable moments from the show were when the Glasgow crowd out sang the guitars during the intro to ‘Silence In The Snow’ and having the opportunity to take pictures from the photo pit, allowed me to be close to the action and see the enjoyment and awe in the face of Matt Heafy as the fans were singing and enjoying the show. Truly mesmerising!

Heafy and co ended the evening with In Waves (In Waves, 2011) to the delight of the crowd. The energy from the front man and the rest of the band have made the evening a heavy metal show for the fans to enjoy and remember. With over a decade of material Trivium were able to satisfy the hardcore fan and a Trivium newbie with songs ranging from ‘Ember to Inferno’ to the recently released ‘Silence in the Snow’.

It was clear from the minute Shvpes began it was going to be a night full of energy, with music played by musicians who are very talented and love their fans. If you have the opportunity to see this show during the remainder of the tour I would highly recommend it.