FRIDAY 10th MARCH 2017

The Stranglers Photo Credit :Steve Gunn
The Ruts DC Photo Credit : Steve Gunn

You could see the how popular both The Ruts DC & The Stranglers are ,by the amount of fans had attended. I would estimate, approximately, 3000 fans packed the ‘majestic’ Alhambra Theatre to be entertained by a band whose back catalogue stretches back over 40 years.

I mean , Who hasn’t heard of The Stranglers, or can’t name at least one of their hits?.
The ‘seats were out’ to allow the downstairs crowd to party and they did right from the start. Most of the fans were there early to catch the full set from The Ruts DC , who have been around for almost as long as The Stranglers, but they did take a rain check between 1981 and 2007.

Their early tunes like ‘Staring at the Rude Boys’ and ‘Jah War’ were mixed in with the newer stuff like ‘Kill the Pain’ and ‘Psychic Attack’ and not forgetting their biggest hit ‘Babylon’s Burning’ (June 1979). A great warm up from this 3 piece Punk/Reggae/Rock n Roll group  THE RUTTS DC now are; Seg Jennings, David Ruffy & Leigh Heggarty.

The Stranglers – Photo Credit: Steve Gunn

It was now the turn of The Stranglers to be on stage. As they hit the stage, you could not move. (or best not too) or you would not get back to your original spot.

Opening with ‘The Raven’ we knew we were in for a night of nostalgia that flowed from true punk to the quieter more melodic tunes that included ’Golden Brown’ of course. JJ’s vocals were smooth and clear and Baz lead the vocals in the more upbeat numbers.

Mid way through the set the fans burst into song to sing along to ‘Always the Sun’ and ‘Strange Little Girl’. From a choice of their newer songs ‘Freedom is Insane’ was a particular favourite.  Remembering that THE STRANGLERS current GB Tour is titled ‘THE CLASSIC COLLECTION’, that’s what we got.

Dunfermline was the 3rd gig of 19 throughout March 2017, but the 3 Scottish Gigs were sold out by the end of January. This in itself shows you how popular they are up in The North.  The 2nd encore was as you can probably guess ‘No More Heroes’ – 40 years on from its release in 1977

For the record the 2 hour set with around 25 songs covered the bands full history including other material such as: ’Was it You’, ‘Sometimes’, ’Grip’,15 Steps’, ‘Sleazy’, ‘Never to Look Back’, ‘M.S.D, ‘GB’, Bear Cage’, ‘Peaches’, ‘ Relentless’, ‘Sewer’ & ‘Duchess’ etc.

The Stranglers – Photo Credit : Steve Gunn


I do Hope the band have the energy to complete the full tour. i am sure they will.Good luck guys.

THE STRANGLERS are: JJ Burnel (bass & vocals), Baz Warne (lead guitar & vocals) Dave Greenfield (keyboards & vocals) Jim MacAulay (on tour drummer for Jet Black)

Reviewer : Hugh Connell & Photography : Steve Gunn



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