Now and then a band pricks up your ears and makes you listen to what they have to offer.  Glasgow band The Bar Dogs are such a band.

The bar dogs were formed in 2015 with Front men John Gerrard O’Neill (Blindfolds) & Tino MacDonald (Velveteen Saints) and gigged solidly for a year backing such bands as The View & Glasvegas.

So how did I come to hear about the band?  I received a message from my old friend Garry John Kane (Button Up Records) alerting me to the fact that their new single ‘Sorry’ was due for release with an album coming hot on its heels.  Now to put you in the picture Garry John doesn’t send me tracks very often but when he does they are usually of the highest quality so I knew I was in for a treat.  I was not disappointed.

“Sorry” is due for release on Friday 24th March and is a bouncy sing along Americana anthem in waiting.  A Clarence Clemons-esque saxophone intro tails off into the opening lyrics sung with an almost barked vocal. The emotional of the lyric shining through.  The track powers  along at a decent tempo as the singer repentantly apologizes for some unmentioned misdemeanor.  By the end of the track you can’t help but sing along (and hope for reconciliation).

Artwork for the single

‘Sorry’ is available through Button Up Records from Friday 24th March.

A 13 track Album ‘Friday night the eagles fly’ is due for release on April 21st

You can catch The Bar Dogs performing tracks from the album for Record Store Day at Love Music, 34 Dundas St, Glasgow G1 2AQ on Saturday 22nd April and at their live launch at 13th Note, 50-60 King St, Glasgow G1 5QT on 6th May

To find out more about The Bar Dogs check out there website and social media sites below.