State Champs threw a huge pop-punk party at Legend Club

State Champs is an American pop-punk band consisting of Derek DiScanio (vocals), Tyler Szalkowski (guitar, vocals), Tony Diaz (guitar, vocals), Ryan Graham (bass, vocals) and Evan Ambrosio (drums). The power quintet is from Albany, New York, and was formed in spring 2010. Their latest album, Around The World And Back, came out October 16th, 2015 and it’s the band’s second full length.

European tour? More like a giant pop-punk party! For this tour, State Champs decided to bring along two other great pop-punk bands: As It Is and Northbound.

Seen in retrospective the night evolved like a crescendo, both in energy and temperature.

Northbound started back in 2012 as an acoustic solo project with Jonathon Fraser, evolving into the hybrid acoustic/full band project that we see now. Their performance warmed up the crowd, while As It Is could be seen as co-headliner instead of support act.

The 12 songs set allows the band to play their latest album okay. almost in full, and (obviously) bring back some of their best-known songs from the first album Never Happy Ever After. The band’s energy seems endless, especially singer Patty Walter’s: he’s constantly moving, jumping and using his microphone like a lasso while maintaining perfect pitch vocals (and melting on stage). Crowd interaction plays a big part in their performance: we have multiple singalongs, crowd members directly shouting in the microphone…and of course, crowd surf. Even Walters surrender to it and throw himself on the crowd during the band’s closing song (and probably biggest hit up to now), Dial Tones.

State Champs‘ set opens with Losing Myself, latest single extracted from their most recent album Around The World And Back, followed by Hard To Please and Shape Up. When All You Are Is History comes up, introduced by the perfectly known line “I’m a realist and an optimist, but I swear to you I’m not getting over this”, the crowd goes nuts and it’s impossible not to jump all together like a single body…even because there were so many people, it was the only way to survive.

The only time when the band has the chance to take a little breath is during the acoustic part of the set, when the people sing their hearts out and bring out their phones to light up the venue on the notes of Stick Around and If I’m Lucky. State Champs‘ last song was Secrets, ending the pop-punk hot party with the line “Now I’m as good as gone”…well, hopefully not.

Both the pop-punk threesome and the crowd probably had one of the most sweaty shows of all time. Multiple people were dragged out by security because they weren’t feeling well and the band members quite literally melt on stage. The guys in State Champs even shared bottles of fresh water with the crowd, and singer Derek DiScanio probably risked his life moving around that much because the stage floor was a real sweat lake. At one point, the temperature was so high I couldn’t shoot anything, because my lens went all foggy and refused to cooperate…it was pretty much like being inside a volcano! That was really the only downside of the evening, though.

Photo by Andrea Massazza

Tonight it’s been State Champs‘ first time in Italy and it was a sold out show. It was everything I expected and wanted to see: a classic pop-punk night, with all the clichés you can think of (except for pizza), and I’m not saying it in a bad way, quite the opposite in fact. There were singalongs, lots of jumping, headbanging, crowd surfing, infinite sweat…but most of all, IT WAS LOT OF FUN.

See the gallery below:


Setlist State Champs:

  1. Losing Myself
  2. Hard To Please
  3. Shape Up
  4. Eyes Closed
  5. Remedy
  6. All Or Nothing
  7. All You Are Is History
  8. Easy Enough
  9. Stick Around (Acoustic)
  10. If I’m Lucky (Acoustic)
  11. Perfect Score
  12. Simple Existence
  13. Breaking Ground
  14. Elevated
  15. Secrets

Setlist As It Is:

  1. Okay
  2. Patchwork Love
  3. Can’t Save Myself
  4. Cheaps Shots & Setbacks
  5. No Way Out
  6. The Coast Is Where Home Is
  7. Still Remembering
  8. Soap
  9. Speak Soft
  10. Pretty Little Distance
  11. Hey Rachel
  12. Dial Tones

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