Slayer, Anthrax, and Death Angel melted faces at their sold out show in the Wilma Theater of Missoula (October 13).

Slayer, Anthrax, and Death Angel melted faces at their sold out show in the Wilma Theater of Missoula (October 13). These titans of thrash unleashed the live power of their recent works and brought concertgoers back to the heyday of metal through nostalgic albums. With years of material for the taking, the set lists did not disappoint, evident by repeated roars of favor and frequent gestures of metal horns being thrown in the air.

In a successive form, each band stormed the stage and engaged their voracious crowd with the sheer intensity anticipated. Featuring expressive vocals, aggressive drum lines, and a relentless volley of riffs and solos, the methods utilized were technically demanding and precise. The battle cry began with the hammerings of Death Angel through sounds such as the epic instrumental “The Ultra Violence” and “The Moth,” then progressed into the pummeling of Anthrax from their vast collection including “Caught In A Mosh” and “Breathing Lightening,” and finally culminated into the ferocity of selections like “Chemical Warfare” and “Postmortem” by Slayer.

Inspired by the accelerating pace and sheer speed of the music, the crowd pulsed and spun into cyclones. The energized rally could be viewed as a great equalizer to the enthusiasm held by long-term followers and newer fans alike. Victory prevailed by way of returning to the roots and celebrating the resurgence, leaving comrades in the Western Montana region with wrecked necks and feeling extremely satisfied.

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