Senses Fail is an American post hardcore band coming out of New Jersey. The bands current lineup consists of drummer Chris Hornbrook, rhythm guitarist Gavin Caswell, lead singer James ‘Buddy’ Nielsen being the only original member, along with touring members Greg Styliades on the bass and Jason Millbank on lead guitar.

Coming along for this band’s punktastic Quinceañera is Canadian punk hardcore band Counterparts; notably known for their third album The Difference Between Hell and Home which was released in 2013.

Although Southern California’s Movements are still considered relativity new they know how to bring a crowd out with their honest lyrics, melodic and somewhat aggressive style. By the time Nineteen was playing I was thrust into this sense of nostalgia screaming along to the lyrics ‘I’m not a warrior, I am not you, I’m barely me.’

Two Canadian bands on tour with two American bands, crazy I know. But what’s not crazy is the love I have for Like Pacific’s latest album Distant Like You Asked which was released in February of 2016. With lyrics ‘I can’t breathe for you there are some things you have to do for yourself’ it’s not hard to find yourself taking a liking to these guys.

By the end of the night the crowd has rocked out and sang along to some of their favorite songs, Senses Fail playing their 2006 album Still Searching in full. If you have a chance to go to this tour I highly recommend you doing so and have a night out filled with those heartfelt emo lyrics you know you love along with headbanging and even sentimental parts where you help celebrate Senses Fails 15th birthday.


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