SAMA’s in their 7th year set out a great Award Ceremony for Scotland.

Photo  : Stuart Westwood

It was a cold Wednesday night on the 12th of October 2016 when Patchchord News correspondents , Martin Bone and Stuart Westwood  went along to the    “THE GARAGE ” on Sauchihall  Street, Glasgow . To capture the atmosphere of the  7th Scottish Alternative Music Awards.

While waiting for the doors to open just around 6:15pm, It was obvious  by the crowds gathering outside of the venue that it was going to be a belter of a show. The Headline  performance on the night was Glasgow band  “BABY STRANGE ”   with performances from  The VAN Ts, STILLSOUND , and MC SHOGUN  

You could sense the  excitement within the crowds as this was such a prestigious event in the Scottish music calendar. The crowds were gathering just near to the main entrance to the Garage and they had started to form what looked like a disjointed queue .  This didn’t matter as there as there was a buzz and excitement with a sense of curiosity about the awards, everyone in line chatting about who they thought the winners of each category would be on the night.

The SAMA’s was initially created as a project by Ricky Muirhead which turned out to be so successful it’s been running for  7 years. The SAMA’s is  one of the  best award ceremonies for Scottish music currently as I cant think of any others that recognise  Scottish talented musicians only in Scotland .

Photo  : Stuart Westwood

The first act up on stage and performing were The Van T’s who are a West of Scotland 4-piece band comprised of Chloe Van Thompson (vocals, guitar), Hannah Van Thompson (vocals guitar), Joanne Forbes (bass) and Shaun Hood (drums).  Having seen and photographed them at the Electric Fields Festival earlier this year. They certainly set the pace of the awards with their rock, and pop harmonies and it was obvious to see a large fan base had turned up to support them. They too were also nominated for an award in the category for best Rock/Alternative.

Next to grace the stage was Edinburgh trio STILLHOUNDFergus Cook (vocals/guitar), Laurie Corlett-Donald (synths/guitar) and Dave Lloyd (synths) So with there performance in the bag then it was on with the awards.

Photo : Martin Bone

Jim Gellaity was on the stage and it appeared  as if Jim had crooked his back or he wanted to bow to the crowds, or maybe a new stance he was trying  for announcing while on stage..  but most likely the mic was just needing raised up slightly.  Jim also donned a new hat which was in honour of the Colonel Mustard’s glitter ball hat .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The awards got underway with the Best Metal act awards being the first of the night and Presenting the Award was fellow radio presenter Tom Russell  which went to  PERPETUA  from Edinburgh

Photo : Stuart Westwood
Photo  : Martin Bone

Fiona Soe Paing is a Scottish/Burmese producer and vocalist working in experimental electronic music was next invited on stage by Jim Gellaty who would be presenting the award for the Best Electronic act in association with  Assai UK   and this went to BE CHARLOTTE, from Dundee who is one of the most innovative  artists in Britain members are Charlotte Brimner , James Smith  & Jack Boyce.  I have been lucky capture and  photograph, Be Charlotte a few times first at the Wickerman Festival in 2015 and earlier this year  at the Stramash venue in Edinburgh  .                                                              

Photo  : Stuart Westwood
Photo: Martin Bone
Photo :Stuart Westwood

Next awards for Best Newcomer was presented by the main sponsor Rebel Rebel Barbers, and Richy Muirhead (founder | creative director SAMAs) to THE NINTH WAVE who are a Glasgow goth/pop band Members , Haydn Park-Patterson, Ronan Park, Elina Lin & Lewis Tollan they were so happy with their award they were licking the award I bet it was tasty.

Photo : Stuart Westwood

The Award for best HIP HOP to be presented ,and who better than Glasgow’s , HIP HOP artist GASP to present this award and the deseverd winner was  SYMBA  who is Dumbarton,v based artist Symba has been writing, recording and producing music since 2010 whilst being an avid listener and fan of hip hop from an early age.
It was again time for another live performance on the main stage by Scottish HIP HOP artist MC SHOGUN, who is a Paisley AKA Joe Heron who has been making waves in the Scottish RAP, HIP HOP scene for sometime now and his most recent track ‘Vulcan’ was a internet hit.  SHOGUN raw lyrics and catchy flow  had the GARAGE crowd hooked


Photo : Martin Bone

The next award to be presented with Jim Gellaty with Vic Galloway for Best Rock/Alternative in association with Eventbrite  went to BLOODLINES who dedicated there award were surprised to be chosen and find Jesus. They did not expect to win this award and were clearly so happy to be the winners.

Photo : Martin Bone
Photo : Martin Bone

It was then the turn of BBC Radio One Scotlands Vic Galloway who was next on stage to present an award albeit he was a little late by his own admission as he had just finished his own radio show. The award he was presenting was for Best Acoustic act which went to MICHAEL CASSIDY from Paisley who’s music is best described as contemporary folk/pop.



Photo  : Stuart Westwood
Photo : Stuart Westwood

The award for Best Live Act was next to be presented and to present the award was last years winners of 2015. Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5  to the winner GERRY CINNAMON, who was obviously happy about being the winner as he raised aloft his prize  with rapturous roars and  applauds from the crowds. The final live performance of the night with headlining act BABY STRANGE  which then ending  with another successful well organised awards ceremony for 2016.

Photo  : Stuart Westwood

Well done Richy and  his crew and presenters , nominees and all the winners .

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