Photography Credit : Steve Pengelly (S23 Photography)
Press to MECO. First band of the night on what can only be described as a very blowy Thursday evening. Playing to only a handful of a crowd. They brought high energy and good vibes to there classy set. With a brand new song being played and the crowd reacting well. Its a good start to a heavier night to come. 
Devil sold his soul took stage infront of a slowly growing crowd.  Finally coming to the end of 2017 off the back of “a fragile hope” 10 year aniversary. The crowd pleasing set was a perfect way to set up the crowd for our headliners for the night. 
SikTH - Photography :Steve Pengelly (S23 Photography)
SikTH – Photography :Steve Pengelly (S23 Photography)
So then its time of the headline act SikTH
The lights and volume raised to the warming crowd in a cold concorde 2 as SikTH kicked off for me a huge nostalgia trip.  With some of the groovest tunes your hear probably anywhere. The new tracks from “the future from those eyes?” Did not disappoint. Both frontmen rallyed the crowd to close out a brilliant night
The tour of the fresh talent in press to meco  the seasoned veterans in devil sold his soul and masterclass from sixth was one not to miss.