On Thursday October 19th, 2017, Lords of Acid brought the “Sextreme Fest 17’ to the Vinyl Music Hall.

Opening the tour was Wiccid, an electro-industrial synth-pop/Futurepop project from Sacramento featuring Erie Loch and Crash. Next to the stage was En Esch,who is a skilled multi-instrumentalist, programmer and composer that you may know from his enjoyed success with KMFDM and the diverse ensemble PIGFACE since the early 90s.

Third to the stage was Christian Death, who originally formed in Los Angeles,and currently resides in London. The band has also been dubbed the “Founding fathers of American goth rock.”

Combichrist absolutely pumped up the entire venue with their heavy and intense beats, dynamic front man Andy LaPlegua, and antic inducing drummer Jo Letz.

Lords of Acid headlined the evening, with 7 members on stage, being led by DJ Mea. The group brought an intense and powerful show full of shock value and witty lyrics.

Social Links:

Wiccid: Website || Facebook || Twitter
En Esch: Website || Facebook || Twitter
Christian Death: Website || Facebook
Combichrist: Facebook 
Lords of Acid: Website || Facebook

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