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Martin Bone UK/EU Editor

Martin is the UK and European/ AUS/NZ, Asia, Director and Editor for Patchchord News.
Martin also is a Freelance Photographer and lives in Paxton, Scottish Borders Scotland. Martin specialises in Music ,Events and Portrait Photography and Video .

Scott Whiteman, Editor of North America Division

Scott Whiteman is a Concert/ Event/Portrait photographer based in Metro Detroit Area, in the state of Michigan. Always interested in photography, his goal is to capture the perfect moment. That perfect image could be an event or at a music concert. It that special moment and sharing with his subject, is important to him.

When Scott is not obsessing about getting the perfect image, he loves to watch movie.

Andrea Massazza, Assistant Editor of UK/EU Division

27 years old person from Milan, Italy. I love Music and photography, I've always loved the most. I live in a room full of videogames and books. Tv series addicted.


Carri Stoker-Postier, Assistant Editor of North America Division

About Carrianne Stoker-Postier //
Carri has a deep passion for music and photographing it. She hails from Cleveland, Ohio and is currently residing in the beautiful Big Sky County -- Montana. She works primarily in the Northwest US, although often travels for projects. As a concert photographer, she has a passion for translating the musical experience into windows of time, connecting the viewer to what resonates within.
// You can find her at CarrianneElizabeth.com to learn more, view her portfolio, or contact her.

Diane Henning, Editor of Social Media

Diane is a graduate From Indiana University. Diane has been published in HTBARP magazine and featured in That's Why We Musyc. I have never toured yet :( but I have captured images of Memphis May fire, Tonight Alive, Issues, New found Glory, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce the Veil, All Time Low, Mayday parade ,Ted Nugent,The Maine, REO Speedwagon, Real Friends and more.
You can find her on Instagram www.instagram.com/camera_chick7 or facebook at www.facebook.com/camerachick7


Kristina Wright, Editor of Video

Photographer. Music Nerd. Artist. Arts and Entertainment Editor.

Hi! I’m Kristina, Kris for short. I’ve pretty much had a camera in my hand since I was old enough to press a shutter, and loved music for as long as I can remember. I always knew I wanted to do something with both art forms, but learned early on that I was absolute trash at playing anything. I can call out what instrument I hear being played, but I have no idea how to create the sound.

Ergo, transition into concert photography. In 2010, I took a leap of faith and put my efforts to work, and wrote my first press request. The first band I ever shot was the Misfits, by a stroke of luck. After about two years, I got lucky again and was asked if I’d like to interview a band as well as cover the show, making Ballyhoo my very first interview. I have had some of the most incredible experiences doing this, including traveling to cover festivals with unheard artists, and bands that I’ve loved my whole life.

I look forward to being able to cover and listen to more incredible bands with The Patchchord News, and I hope you all enjoy the experience as much as I do.

Patchchord News Correspondents

Andi King, Contributor

Known as Andi King, 21 years old, I've lived in Auckland, New Zealand, New York and Milan for the last four years where I graduated in Photography at the Teatro Alla Scala Academy.
I love nachos, music and of course photography, with which I tell stories and emotions.
Currently under the stages listening to great music, enjoying life and freezing memories and emotions as job, I can't ask for a better life.

This is my motto: it's not about perfection in photography, it's emotions, feelings.

Andrew Perkins, Contributor

I was raised on music. I had a great opportunities while growing up with older siblings to sneak into their LP collection and play Boston, Led Zeppelin, Triumph, Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, The Rolling Stones and all of the great artists of the 70's. Musically I was introduced to piano and saxophone lessons at a very young age. But as most of do I was swayed to be involved in athletics versus a musical career.

While studying and earning an Environmental Science Degree at Purdue University and then a Physical Therapy Degree at Indiana University I started my music collection of cassette tapes, LP's, CD's and now of course digital songs. And yes I still have a cassette tape collection. Nevertheless here's where I started taking an interest in capturing inspiring moments in the music world. After seeing Public Enemy open for U2 there's where a light bulb went on. I had the bug.

Since 2006 and I have attended every Lollapalooza. And here's where I cut my teeth on taking marginal photos. Over the last year I have shot over 150 different bands and there's not a musical genre I'm not interested in shooting.

I absolutely cherish musical dialogue. Who's your favorite band? Who are you shooting next? What was the last CD or album you purchased? Have you seen such and such band? It never gets old.

Besides photography I work full time as a Physical Therapist. I'm married to a wonderful lady and we have a precocious 1 year old baby boy. This summer you can catch me at Bunbury, Forecastle, Loufest, Lollapalooza, ROMP, Pilgrimage, Van's music festivals.

Anil Batra, Contributor

Anil Batra is a former member of Bobby Shakes media group and has founded the Picatra Music Journal. He is an avid music photographer. His expertise includes social media and web site development. Rooted in the fundamentals of digital marketing, his techniques are geared towards telling the story of the concert from the perspective of the patron visually. He is also well traveled and has been to various Caribbean islands as well as Europe to catch reggae music in its true essence.

Mr. Batra is a self-trained photographer and is multicultural in his efforts to unite the world through music. He is not exclusively a reggae photographer and has even photographed the Indian Melody Queen Alka Yagnik. Mr. Batra’s photography interest also include art, urban settings, and cuisine to name a few.

Anthony Longstaff, Contributor

Commercial photographer specialising in Music, Events and Festivals. Published nationally and internationally and agency represented.

Boab Williamson, Contributor

As the head of the family run band management/booking agency, Ruthless Artistes Ltd I get to see the hard working talent present in the music scene at the coal face.

I have a passion for music which knows no boundaries, although my musical preferences are deeply ensconced in the 60s, Mod, Ska, punk and Northern Soul genres I have a liking for all genres as my record collection would suggest.

I love to see new bands coming through and offering any advice that I can.

Christi Vest, Contributor

Freelance photographer based between Houston and Austin, TX. I am an ex-singer, ex-corporate whore turned full time mom and photographer specializing in concert, fine art & portrait photography . I never thought anything could be more of an adrenaline rush or more rewarding than being on stage and performing – then I shot my first band and I was hooked. Being able to capture a musician’s soul amidst the noise and chaos of a concert is an amazing experience. You can find me on Instagram at lyrics_and_lenses, on FaceBook at lyricsandlenses and on Twitter at CLVphotography

Claire Stones, Contributor

London based photographer, with a love of live music and photographing it. I love small gigs and capturing the musicians enjoyment playing their music to their fans.
I work in Broadcast Media, and can also be found photographing rugby union and wildlife (or anything else that captures my eye).

Corinne Hennico, Contributor

I’m Corinne Hennico,luxembourgish, 19 years old, currently studying psychology in Saarbrücken. I’ve always been fascinated by photography, actually since I’ve got my first camera at the age of 9.

My passion for concert photography was born when I shot my first concert in 2014. Since then my devoutness for both photography and music is constantly growing.
But 2014, I've got the chance to shoot my very first concert, which was an open-air concert at Luxembourg. At that very moment, the passion of music photography (I'm a musician,too) never left my side and I'm constantly looking to develop myself.

Crystal Muller, Contributor


Ethan Tomlinson, Contributor

Ethan Tomlinson is an 18-year-old freelance photographer based in and around Brighton. He has worked in the photographic field for two years, predominantly taking an interest in concert, portrait and landscape photography.

Iain Scott, Contributor

I live and shoot in Glasgow, Scotland. I first picked up a camera to take pictures of a friends band and from then have never looked back. I enjoy the challenges that are thrown at us as photographers and always make the best of bad situations. I have been involved with a few publications over the years which has allowed my portfolio to grow slowly. 


Ian Bardecki, Contributor

Born in Scotland, raised in the United States, based in Chicago. Ian Bardecki is a photographer, hockey player, motorcyclist, avid reader, IT geek, gaming and comic book nerd, who was bathed in music at a young age from a mother who constantly played classical piano in their home. While she introduced him to the Beatles and Elvis, his father forced upon him Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, the local paper boy had him listen to Alice Cooper, his uncle introduced him to KISS and his first 8-track tape, and friends turned him onto Punk music. Today his music library ranges from Amadeus Mozart to ZZ Ward, and everything in between.

Hesitantly agreeing to fill in one night to photograph a concert at a local venue in San Francisco for a friend, was where the accidental love and passion for concert photography was born, and hasn’t stopped growing since.

As a freelance photographer, Ian has had the honor of working for various artists like, John 5, Sick Puppies, Drowning Pool, Anti-Flag, Scott Stapp, and Art of Dying, just to name a few.

Ian can be found on Instagram and Facebook under the name, Center Stage Pictures.

Ivan Romero, Contributor

Ivan Romero is based in South Florida. He has a passion for music and photography. His musical background goes back decades from managing a retail record shop through several years in local radio and also as a club DJ during the rebirth of the South Beach club scene. Ivan covers live events from Central Florida to South Florida having worked with one of the largest concert sound and lighting companies. His photos were published in Front of House (FOH) magazine. Ivan also covers corporate events throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. He has a keen eye for shots with an ability to capture the emotion of the moment. Ivan has a strong belief in community service and often provides his talent with local schools to capture their performance events for drama, choir and others.


Jeremy Gretzinger, Contributor

I’m a photographer from the Niagara area, who loves to catch that special moment when an artist is performing something they have worked hard on and you can feel their passion, I try to catch that passion in a moment for all to see!

John Morrow, Contributor

An occasional philosopher, nostalgist, rally driver, "Musicologist, photographer and flautist"

John Scott, Contributor

I have been involved in the performing arts since the last century as a musician and a member of technical teams.
I also have a more than keen interest in photography and video production.

Keith Clark, Contributor

Keith Clark is a Concert/Event Photographer based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. A local musician in the Vancouver scene, he started shooting other acts before and after his band's performances. Taking a break and putting the bass down, he now focuses on providing quality photos of performers, artists, and portraiture for clients. He is an alumnus of the "Shooting the Rockstars" Academy.

Keith's work has been featured in international publications and media, along with a growing number of album credits for his photography skills. He currently is a correspondent for Patchchordnews.com


Keith Taylor, Contributor

I have been taking Concert, Theatre and Event pictures since the late 1970's.
Living and working in London gave me the opportunity to see plays and concerts almost every night. I’ve photographed small venues to large arenas working with up-and-coming acts as well as a star artists such as the Stones, Springsteen, Thin Lizzy and many many more Mostly freelance, but many times asked or booked by the management of artists to cover events or gigs specifically for their use. My work has been published widely through the music, local and national press, and artists have also commissioned pictures for their personal use.

After a break of several years I am now re-establishing myself in a new country, literally from the bottom up.

I am always happy to take pictures wherever possible regardless of size of venue from Bars to Arenas, and my photographs are available for purchase directly through my site currently on Facebook, Rockshots by Keith Taylor.



Kerrin Carr, Contributor

I live in the Prestwick, Scotland. Taking and making photos is what makes me happy. Beginning my photography journey, I found joy in capturing precious moments between people, in everyday situations, and then quickly found the thrill of music photography. I have a wide and varied love of music- from 60s rock, northern soul to indie, and more... I really enjoy going to small gigs and festivals, capturing the energy and spirit of intimate live music feels very special.


Lucy Burton, Contributor


Lyric Beyerl, Contributor

Lyric is a wanderlust dreamer currently residing in the sunny state of Florida. Photographer with a passion for exploring and love for music. From shooting live concerts, promo photos for upcoming bands and artists, to covering events and portrait taker.


Michelle Page, Contributor

Michelle Page was born in central California. She joined the United States Army and was a chemical operations specialist for five years allowing her to live all over the world including Germany, Iraq, and Kuwait. She has two children, and works in marketing. She enjoys all genres, but mostly classic rock. She loves her family, animals, and music.


Naomi Dryden-Smith, Contributor


Pamela Gibson, Contributor

Student Photographer from Glasgow. Studying HNC Photography.
Loves music


Pix Meyers, Contributor

I am a freelance photographer based in Indianapolis, Indiana specializing in concert and event photography.

With my childhood love for music and photography plus the added influence from my mother (a Broadway Company Manager) and later from my husband (a live sound engineer) it seemed only natural to combine my passions and pursue my craft more seriously. I have been blessed with great opportunities to shoot fabulous performers and look forward to sharing my work and new adventures with Patchchord News.

Be sure to look for me in the pit at the next show...
They call me "Pixie Dare with the Blue Hair


Ronnie McGhie, Contributor

Ronnie is a Dj and music lover and presents on Irvine Beat FM Keep up to date and in touch with the Wednesday Night Sessions show Wednesday night 10pm-12am on IrvineBeat FM.

Scott Nicol, Contributor

A passionate pop/rock/Americana singer, songwriter and energetic showman from Ayrshire, Scotland. Scott has been writing for most of his life. As well as performing locally, he has played in Europe and the U.S. 

Steve Gunn & Hugh Connell, Contributor

Steve Gunn, I go under the name of shotbyagunn photography. I have been shooting Gigs and events for around 10 years now. I started mainly doing local gigs, but now get the chance to shoot larger gigs and festivals. I have shot bands like Muse, Sterophonics, Keane, James.

----- Hugh Connell
I have been a music fan since I was 7 years old (mid sixties) when I started my music collection. My music tastes expanded in the late 90s when I went to festivals like T in the Park. I can also appreciate ‘Dance’ (House & Trance) music as my son DJs. I am still a regular festival and gig goer, and can appreciate talent.


Steve Pengelly, Contributor


Steve Perks, Contributor

Steve has been a successful published and award winning photographer since 2002 who explored various genres before realising his true passion for music photography.
Winner of the Pop Cop 'Best Scottish Music Photo 2010' judged by the legendary Harry Benson.
Steve has a deep understanding of the music industry, having spent 25 years on the road as a successful bass guitarist covering several genres including rock, jazz fusion, soul and blues.

Stuart Westwood, Contributor

Stuart cut his photography teeth in the world of music photography, capturing some of the most legendary names in the business, including The Foo Fighters, Deep Purple, Brian Ferry, Florence and The Machine, Billy Idol, Slash and working regularly at Scotland’s premier event and entertainment venues. His images have been used in media and printed publications around the globe - most recently The Metro,Guardian and Independent newspapers.


Tessy Troes, Contributor

Tony Burgum, Contributor

I have been interested in photography for about 40 years since clicking my 1st camera at about 13 years old. I bought my 1st Pro level film camera (Canon A-1) aged 18 and started developing B&W and Cibachrome slides in a darkroom I made in my parents loft. During my marital years this had to stop as it was too expensive with 3 young kids. So after my divorce and the outbreak of digital I resurrected my passion and have had several cameras over the last 10 years each time getting better and better models.
In 2015 as part of a night class / photography group I achieved my LRPS accreditation form The Royal Photographic Society and for the last year or so I have been covering music gigs and events for an online webzine. I am aiming for my ARPS but as to what subject matter I am still undecided.