Canadian Blues man James Buddy Rogers from Vancouver, BC, is back with his 4th album

james-buddy-rogersCanadian Blues man James Buddy Rogers from Vancouver, BC, is back with his 4th album, By My Side.  A follow up to his Juno nominated “My Guitar’s My Only Friend, Rogers fills the tracks of this album with passion and soul. A seasoned guitar veteran on the blues scene, you can hear his maturity by not overplaying, but selecting his notes carefully and letting each song breath nicely. Backed by the incredible rhythm section of Mike Wedge on bass and James Badger on drums, this trio is locked in and absolutely solid. In addition, the legendary Texan native Lewis Stephens, contributed playing keys on “By My Side” along with Winfred Ballard on percussion.  James’ own 2 daughters Quinn & Eliot, also added background vocals to the title track.

Rogers found the blues early in life thanks to his father. He formed his first band at 11 and by the time he was 13 was a regular at local blues clubs. By the time he was 15 his band Texas Storm was being booked to open concert slots. Thanks to his dad who went to the liquor control board, he was able to get a license for James to legally play in bars where he forged friendships with some of the top blues guys in and around Vancouver. One of those was with former BB King bassist, Russell Jackson, whom Rogers would team up with at 19 years old and tour with for the next 5 years playing an endless number of shows while based out of Kansas. In 2000, James ‘Buddy’ Rogers started his own band and toured across Canada and through Europe. His hard work and growing maturity can be heard on the progression of his recordings, and now with “By My Side”. Along with the latest album, James ‘Buddy’ Rogers has been selected by the Fraser Valley Blues Society to attend the International Blues Challenge, held every year in Memphis, Tennessee.

This is a great album that every blues fan will enjoy. It’s one of those that you throw on the CD Player and can listen to over and over again. With the powerful guitar playing heavily influenced by Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Jimmy Vaughan, and the 3 Kings, along with his strong vocals, James ‘Buddy’ Rogers is proving to be a blues powerhouse, making his music truly worth a spin over and over again.

Album: By My Side    Artist: James ‘Buddy’ Rogers
JBR Records, 2016


Tracks :

1. Come Back to Me
2. By My Side
3. Can’t Get You Off My Mind
4. You Belong
5. Goin’ Down
6. Hell to Pay
7. Baby
8. Runnin’
9. You & I
10. Am-Ola-Dora
11. Change
12. Keep Listening
13. You Belong – Acoustic Version
14. Can Get You Off My Mind – Acoustic Version

Bonus Track:
By My Side – Acoustic Version

Produced by: James Buddy Rogers
Engineered by: Ken Burke, Andre Gautron & James Buddy Rogers

Youtube: By My Side – EPK