What a year it has been for Patchchord News, considering where the site first started. The site has gone through some changes, since it first started. Its been upgraded with a new theme, the back-end has been tweaked,we have more readers than we started and Patchchord News has over thirty correspondents. These correspondents contribute to the site, on a weekly basis, in different parts of the world. There are people contributing from the U.K., Italy, Germany, Canada and various parts of the United States just to name a few. The site is still growing with contributors and readership everyday.

The readership has grown, from leap and bounds, from the early days when Martin and I first started the site. For the first few weeks, of running the site, we only had a few hundred people stop by the site and read some of the articles that were posted. Personally, I was excited to get that many readers to the site. But since then, Patchchord News readership has grown with Martins hard work with social media and our great correspondent. The average viewership is in the thousands and still growing. For a site that is just a year old, it is amazing, to say the least. To all the people/visitors who come to the site, we here at Patchchord News would like to thank you. Thank you for reading the articles. Thank you for looking at the great work that our contributors do.

As for the contributors to Patchchord News, Martin and I believe that they are the best. Each and everyone does the best job they can, to write and photograph…to product the best articles for the reader. It could be the latest concert review from the Electric Field Festival in Scotland or the Goo Goo Dolls from Florida. Or it could be a great interview with musician. Either way, the work they do is top notch. Martin and I would like to thank the following for all your hard work:

Alexa Chihos, Andrea Massazza, Andy Tattersall, Anil Batra, Anthony Longstaff, Boab Williamson, Carri Stoker-Postier, Christina Earl, Christi Vest, Corinne Hennico, Diane Henning, Iain Scott, Ivan Romero, Joe Anthony Myrick, John Morrow, John Scott, Keith Clark, Kerrin Carr, Kimberly Casper, Kristina Wright, Lyric Beyerl, Pia Böhl, Scott Nicol, Steve Gunn & Hugh Connell, Steven Todd, Steve Perks, Stuart Westwood, Sylvia Borgo, Tommy Clark and Tony Burgum

As for the future and coverage we are working on that. The site is going to be going through some update/tweaks (stay tune), in the next few weeks and Patchchord News will be expanding its coverage of music. Currently the site covers rock and metal however we are expanding our coverage in the other types of music. If you have noticed we have strayed into the Rap/Hip Hop music, as of late with some interviews with some of the performers. But we will be covering other types of music, such as country. Martin and I believe that if there is an interest, and it doesn’t offend people, then let try it and see what happens.

Finally, as I am writing this I am listening to some music and Bon Jovi’s “Keep the Faith” just popped into the play and faith I have in this site. Patchchord News will only get bigger and better with more coverage. The coverage, as the reader, comes back time after time. Thank you to you the reader and everyone who help build this great site.

Thank you.