‘Fizzy Blood’ & ‘In Hearts Wake’ supporting ‘While She Sleeps’
The Garage | Glasgow | 9th May 2017

Photo Credit : Kerrin Carr Photography

Wild wolves of Leeds, grunge quintet Fizzy Blood, opened what was to be a howling fast paced, high energy gig and set the bar high for the following bands, In Hearts Wake and While She Sleeps. 

Photo Credit: Kerrin Carr

With a relentless thrashing sound, Fizzy Blood, an alternative British rock band, mesmerised a packed audience of dedicated fans. Fizzy Blood have built a growing cult following since they formed in 2014. Drawing set material from EP ‘Feast’ (2015) songs such as ‘I’m no Good’ and new single ‘Pawn’ were real crowd pleasers. Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Benji Inkley’s frontman confidence makes Fizzy Blood serious contenders for the next ‘big thing’ in the British rock and grunge scene. His gripping stage presence, interesting lyrics and dead-pan haunting vocals, reminiscent of Muse’s Matt Bellamy, transfixed his audience.

Photo Credit: Kerrin Carr Photography

Fizzy Blood exploded their audience assault with robust punk inspired drumming from Jake Greenway; who could have easily been mistaken for the wild man of Sauchiehall Street with his half-naked primal pounding and beastly head whipping.

Photo Credit: Kerrin Carr Photography

Hair-hurling lead guitarist and backing vocalist, Paul Howells, owned the stage, rapidly cutting shapes like a blazing red streak of fire. Howells’ melodic guitar hooks complemented Greenway’s thrashing drums superbly. Brilliant guitar playing from Tim Malkin and Ciaran Scanlon pulled the band together with a clap along rhythm and atmospheric base lines. Finishing Fizzy Blood’s set with a high guitar salute the The Garage crowd showed their appreciation. Glasgow’s been well and truly introduced to newcomers Fizzy Blood and I predict a close friendship. Fizzy Blood’s set was pumping with high-energy songs, nicely fuelling the crowd for the second support act of the night- In Hearts Wake.

Inkley had belted out Fizzy Blood’s ‘Black Sheep’ lyrics, singing ‘dancing with the devil, then he lived to tell the tale’ and with the summer rays of sunshine disappearing to make way for the full moon, the devil had certainly come out to dance to In Hearts Wake that Tuesday night but, this time, I’m really not sure if he lived to tell the tale. 

Australian metal core band, In Hearts Wake’s hurricane powerful and captivating set seen people throwing themselves around The Garage’s gymnasium hall like super-charged ping pong balls; in the middle of the sweaty mosh pit was a 7ft Hodor shoulder deflecting flying kids like a baseball bat.

Photo Credit : Kerrin Carr Photography
Photo Credit: Kerrin Carr Photography

In Hearts Wake vocalist Jake Taylor inspired a continuous carousel of legs in the form of crowd surfers and he even joined in the fun when he threw himself into the crowd, along with his inflatable crocodile. In a crowd of full throttle masculinity, Kyle Erich sang ‘Wild Flower’– a beautiful contradiction dedicated to female fans; with one fan in particular intimately serenaded.

The sea of battered and bruised bodies was left begging for more glorious torture and was suitably cranked up and ready for metal core Sheffield band While She Sleeps.


In Hearts Wake