Eva Plays Dead: The New Single, Touring, and a Series of Unfortunate Events
If you are an East Midlands based Rock and Roll fan, you must have been hiding under a rock if you haven’t heard of Eva Plays Dead and their past few years.
Eva Plays Dead – Photography : Andy Tattersall
 The band are back and set to make an impact with their new single ‘Spin’ which is out on 31st March 2017.
Patchchord News Contributor Andy Tattersall caught up with Tiggy and Matt from the band just before they were due on stage for their hometown gig at Nottingham’s Rock City on 23rd March 2017.
Eva Plays Dead – Photography Credit: Andy Tattersall
If you are one of the few who haven’t heard Eva Plays Dead’s story, here’s a brief history: the band are signed to Sound-Hub Records and are based in Derby/ Nottingham.
The band continued to progress through the local live music scene, to the point where Kerrang were noticing them and even tipped them off to the nation as Spotlight Artists. The band have also supported the likes of Alien Ant Farm. Just when things were starting to look promising for the band, they experienced an engine explosion on their tour van which would have set them back and halted their progress. Luckily, through the support of fans, within a day the band had a new engine and managed to get back on the road.

As if it wasn’t enough, the band fell victims to a robbery last year which saw them lose

Photography Credit : Andy Tattersall

£3000 worth of equipment. A fan set up a crowd sourcing account which got the attention of Kirk Hammett of Metallica as well as Dr Martins and many others who both contributed to the band getting back up and running. As well as this, the band launched an exclusive t-shirt to help raise money for new equipment. There seems to be nothing this band can’t handle!

The band have bounced back and are currently on tour with Canadian punk metal band Sumo Cyco and New Zealand based Devilskin. We asked Tiggy (Vocals) and Matt (Guitar) from the band how it was getting on so far. It turns out the band have had more bad luck, prior to the Nottingham show, Tiggy ended up in hospital due to receiving a concussion due to rocking too hard and colliding with Matts guitar, Matt explained “I thought I’d swung and hit her in the head but Theo our photographer presented us with the evidence that Tig in fact head butted my guitar.” Luckily the guitar was alright, however Tig was trooping on with a concussion and migraine with less than an hour till they were due on stage giving the hometown fans a show to remember.
Eva Plays Dead – Photography Credit : Andy Tattersall
Apart from the injuries the band described the tour as having crowds which are absolutely mental adding that their London show at Underworld was the busiest yet.
What’s it like being the opening band on a tour like this?
Tiggy – “We are there to warm people up, but the reality is, they are already there, already had a crate of beer, already well into it” she went on “it makes our life life a lot easier”, Matt jumps in ”They’ve done like 50 push-ups before they’ve walked through the venue, absolutely pumped.”
This was witnessed at first hand, the crowd were really into Eva Plays Dead’s sound and gave the band the respect and attention they deserved. Such an amazing show to be at.
You can see from previous shows, this is a consistency that come with Eva Plays Dead gigs, at one-point drummer Seb even made his way out into the crowd with a full drum kit and gave the crowd a little bit extra.

The band are back and seem more motivated than ever, their single ‘Bones’ has been very well received with over 13,000 views on youtube. And the band are set to launch their latest single ‘Spin’ on 31st March 2017 which has we absolutely love!

The video is out and is already at over 8,500 views on youtube. You can see that the band have offered an alternative approach to this video compared to previous ones. There are a lot more vivid colours and tempo changes, something which is a contrast to their past videos like ‘Bones’ which creates a sense of excitement and intensity.
Check out the video yourself, the energy and buzz inside that Winnebago with a tonne of balloons is something which cant be missed.
The video offers an almost dream state mentality, with the end result being something only the imagination can create.
When speaking to the band, you could see that they were excited about this release, the passion that they portrayed whilst speaking about the single was refreshing and lovely to see. They clearly care about their sound delivered and experience offered to fans, trying to be the best they can be. 
We asked Tiggy and Matt what it was like on set for this video. “Oh my god – there were so many balloons” “We blew them all up as well, they don’t come pre-blown.” Matt went on to explain that pre- shoot the band have fuelled up their energy levels with a Wetherspoons breakfast and beer, hinting that if the balloons were to of popped, they would have been hit in the face with a strong scent of “sausages, egg and beer.”
In future it sounds like the band may check to see if the production company would be able to blow up the balloons for them, avoiding any potentially stench based disasters. Tig joked around, adding “When you join a band, you kind of expect it all to be glamorous…. It wasn’t glamourous” which got us laughing.
Also not ideal as the band found that this exercise nearly left them short breathed for the filming.
Despite the joking around, you can see Eva Plays Dead are dedicated musicians, who work so hard in rehearsals and want every show to be as awesome as the last. Nothing is taken for granted by these guys, and they appreciate the support of the whole live music community.
We love the video and single, anticipating that this will be very well received at Fortfest and Wildfire festivals this summer.
It looks like the song has already made an impact on the tour, “Loads of people singing back your lyrics, you just look back at them and think YES! You actually watched the video, its wicked!”
We predict the band will be added to plenty more festivals over the coming weeks hopefully even the likes of Download, Reading and Leeds.
The bands new single ‘Spin’ is out on the 31st March 2017 with Sound-Hub Records you can Pre-Order it on ITunes
Eva Plays Dead  Website :  http://www.evaplaysdead.com/
Check the band out on social media:
Twitter and Instagram: @evaplaysdead
This was incredible to see and made the evening that bit more hard hitting and intense than it already was. If the crowd were not warmed up for Devilskin and Sumo Cyco, they were now!
Sumo Cyco – Photography Andy Tattersall


Devilskin- Photography Credit Andy Tattersall