Beware upon first notice, you may not heed my warning but Adia Victoria is a songstress that undoubtedly will lure you into her chamber of musical investigation. Adia seamlessly blends her lyrics into a luxurious menagerie of seductive, soulful, dark, vintage vibrations. I fell for “Stuck in the South”, my first perusal of these charming gems found on her album “Beyond The Bloodhounds” .

After the fog lifts, Adia Victoria unleashes another morsel of goodness. Her recent EP is recorded in French. Laissez Tomber is a distinctive psychedelic song, with atmospheric tones that lends itself to 70’s nostalgia. Even though dark and eerie undertones give a sense of eminent intrigue, the feel of the album is seductive and sexy. Imagine a smoky parlor room in an elegant cafe in Paris and you are transported to that spot in time with Adia’s visceral and imaginative voice.

Adia Victoria’s debut at Forecastle will be Sunday July 16,2017 @ 6:30pm – Port Stage. Looking forward to watching this wonderful singer-songwriter win over the hearts of the festival audience.

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I was raised on music. I had a great opportunities while growing up with older siblings to sneak into their LP collection and play Boston, Led Zeppelin, Triumph, Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, The Rolling Stones and all of the great artists of the 70's. Musically I was introduced to piano and saxophone lessons at a very young age. But as most of do I was swayed to be involved in athletics versus a musical career. While studying and earning an Environmental Science Degree at Purdue University and then a Physical Therapy Degree at Indiana University I started my music collection of cassette tapes, LP's, CD's and now of course digital songs. And yes I still have a cassette tape collection. Nevertheless here's where I started taking an interest in capturing inspiring moments in the music world. After seeing Public Enemy open for U2 there's where a light bulb went on. I had the bug. Since 2006 and I have attended every Lollapalooza. And here's where I cut my teeth on taking marginal photos. Over the last year I have shot over 150 different bands and there's not a musical genre I'm not interested in shooting. I absolutely cherish musical dialogue. Who's your favorite band? Who are you shooting next? What was the last CD or album you purchased? Have you seen such and such band? It never gets old. Besides photography I work full time as a Physical Therapist. I'm married to a wonderful lady and we have a precocious 1 year old baby boy. This summer you can catch me at Bunbury, Forecastle, Loufest, Lollapalooza, ROMP, Pilgrimage, Van's music festivals.