The blues-rock trio conquers the Rock’n’Roll Club with a powerful performance.

Electric Ballroom is a three piece blues-rock band from Biella, Italy. The trio includes Giulia Osservati (vocals), Filippo Sperotto (guitar) and Marco De Grandi (drums), and has given birth to their self-titled EP Electric Ballroom on January 30th, 2016.

You can listen to their latest single Little Clown Girl below.

There were two bands performing at Rock’n’Roll Club, on Friday. Different styles, different genres but with one thing in common. It was a ‘female fronted night’.

The opening act was Grit, a four piece newborn band from Milan,Italy. They cover original songs along with completely rearranged covers, such as Hey Ya by OutKast and I’m On Fire by Bruce Springsteen. (If you wanna check them out, you’ll find all their social media down below.)

First time I saw Electric Ballroom was back in March, I fell in love with Giulia’s vocals and her charming presence on stage. (Just in case you were wondering…nothing has changed, still in love!) Something should be said about a good band’s presence, it doesn’t always mean running all over the place, jumping or headbanging all the time, and these guys know that. The band catches the crowd’s attention with their music, in a passionate, emotional and powerful performance. On this note, a meritorious citation goes to Sonny Bono and Cher’s Bang Bang cover.

Photo Credit: © Andrea Massazza

When solid instrumentals meet a warm powerful voice, you can’t have anything less than quality. The band members have this strong chemistry you can almost touch with hands. It is quite evident that they’re having a blast on stage, as they feel right at home.

Plus, Electric Ballroom show a level of professionalism you would expect (mostly) from people who are “veterans” in the music business, while at such young age and at the beginning of their career.

At the end of their Electric Ballroom’s set, by public demand, the band was asked to play another song, so they pleased the crowd with a bis of their latest single Little Clown Girl, which closed the show with a bang.

After, I had the chance to talk a little with Electric Ballroom’s vocalist Giulia,  I asked her what should we expect from them, next year? She said they’ll obviously be touring, but the exciting news is that they’re currently working on a debut album, and part of the material includes some of the tracks they usually perform live. So technically we already had a sneak peek!

In conclusion…I can’t wait to see how far Electric Ballroom would go because I can tell you, they’re definitely on the right track, and they’re doing great.

Electric Ballroom live Rock 'n' Roll Club - Rho, Italy

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Photo Credit: ©Andrea Massazza

Set list:

  1. Playing God
  2. My Heart Is Frozen
  3. Little Clown Girl
  4. Golden Trigger
  5. Bang Bang (Sonny Bono/Cher Cover)
  6. Levare
  7. Off & On (Findlay Cover)
  8. Even Angels Go To Hell
  9. House Of Rising Sun (Animals Cover)
  10. My Love Brings Bad Luck
  11. Miss Death
  12. Little Clown Girl (Bis)


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