The Dead Daisies at Download Festival 2017

I went to Download Festival 2017 in no official capacity purely as 1 of the 80,000 fans. I was really looking forward to seeing The Dead Daisies but somewhat dismayed when I came across Downloads timings. Also as I didn’t have a photographer’s pass I had to purchase the best Bridge camera I could find and afford. So armed with a new Canon SX60 I had to hope I came up with something good.

I noted there were on around Midday and for a paltry 25 minutes so we were only going to be treated to around 4 or 5 songs. These guys should be a lot further up the list and on for a lot longer than that. Fortunately though and maybe that because they were on early many of the party goers hadn’t survived the previous night’s alcohol infused partying but I was glad to see that once I got my spot right up against the front railing, albeit not in the middle but to stage right. It wasn’t long before stage 2 Zippo Encore area started filling up.

Photo Credit : Tony Burgum

Enter Dead Daisies opening with ‘Long way to Go’ which really got the crowd ,that did make it bouncing and then straight into the title track from their new album release in ‘Make some noise’ which again the crowd duly did quite nicely joining in with the lyrics. Obviously making the most of their minimal time they weren’t hanging about getting straight into their cover version of ‘Midnight Moses’ originally released by The Sensational Alex Harvey band and what was to conclude the brief set after the bands names were introduced by John Corabi they then belted out ‘Mainline’.

I did feel somewhat cheated by the shortness of the set, not the Daisies fault but the organisers, no room for Song and a Prayer, Mexico, Fortunate Son.

These guys have gone through quite a few changes in the brief history but the current line-up of John Corabi – Vocals, Marco Mendoza – Bass, Brian Tichy – Drums, Doug Aldridge – Guitar and David Lowy – Guitar has to be the best line up in my opinion.
When people talk about ‘Super-groups’ what does it take to get that title?

I would have thought when you have 5 guys who have contributed to Whitesnake, Dio, Thin Lizzy, Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol and Mink amongst others that justifies it. Come on Download, give these guys a lot longer playing time next time.

Photo Credit : Tony Burgum