Counterfeit released the kraken at Alcatraz, Milano

Counterfeit are an English rock band from London (England), composed of Jamie Campbell Bower (vocals, guitar), Sam Bower (guitar, vocals), Tristan Marmont (guitar, vocals), Roland Johnson (bass, vocals) and Jimmy Craig (drums). The band formed in 2015 and released their debut album “Together We Are Stronger” on March 17th, 2017. The band is only 18 months old, but these guys already brought their music on tour multiple times, creating and feeding a hardcore fanbase before they even had a record out.

Opening acts for this tour are Tigress and Decade: both bands are also from the UK, making this tour some sort of ‘British migration’.

Tigress are a female-fronted alternative rock band, with slightly pop influences. They have a new EP called “Like It Is” coming out on May 12th, but if you wanna check them out, you can listen to their first EP “Human”, that is out now!

Decade are a five piece alternative rock band. They have two albums on the active: “Good Luck” (2013) and “Pleasantries”, which came out in February.

For all the bands’ social media contacts, take a look down below.

Counterfeit‘s setlist presents their debut album in its entirety in a frantic performance where anything could happen, and as a matter of fact, it does.

Frontman Jamie Bower could be the calmest person off stage, but when he sets foot up there he’s like possessed. Interaction with the audience is the main component at a Counterfeit show, and I’m not talking about just some chit-chat with the crowd. I think Jamie spent more time playing and singing from the crowd than on stage, last night. It just doesn’t matter if it’s the second or the last song: something will happen, but you’ll never know what. After opening with the combo “Washed Out””As Yet Untitled”, vocalist Jamie Bower decided to jump in the pit and sing “Addiction” from the front row holding hands with people, eliminating the distance between him and the crowd (the same thing will happen later on while performing “Hold Fire”). 

Photo by Andrea Massazza

The only moment when everyone can catch their breaths comes during “Letters To The Lost”, performed in a very intimate way from the crowd. It was asked to create some space in the middle of the room, where a mic stand was placed. Being a very delicate song, it was also asked (multiple times) to put away cell phones and just enjoy the moment.

The closing track “Enough” really brought the madness though, when Jamie jumped off stage (yeah, AGAIN) with a super long microphone cable, with all the intention of climbing the balcony (because who need stairs anyway)…and of course he did, and performed almost the whole song from up there.  

Having said that, the band is not just the vocalist. Solid instrumentals and chemistry on stage are what makes this band a well-oiled machine, capable of putting on an overly energetic performance every time.

I had high expectations about this gig because I knew there’s never a dull moment during a Counterfeit performance, and I love the challenge that presents when I have to write about and shoot an event like this. If you wanna see, and most important, be a part of a unique, unpredictable and also incredible concert, I suggest you don’t miss the experience that is a Counterfeit show!

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  1. Washed Out
  2. As Yet Untitled
  3. Addiction
  4. Romeo
  5. You Can’t Rely
  6. Letters To The Lost
  7. Family Suicide
  8. For The Thrill Of It
  9. Close To Your Chest
  10. Come Get Some
  11. Lost Everything
  12. Hold Fire
  13. Enough

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