Vancouver,BC -Headlining this tour are the German thrash metal band Kreator who are supporting their latest studio album release, Gods of Violence.  Also on the Decibel tour are Obituary, Midnight and Horrendous.

Kreator made a triumphant return to Vancouver after first playing there in 1989, building a solid base of metal fans.  Their set was dark and moody, filled with loads of back light and thick fog.  Frontman Miland Petrozza worked the crowd and managed to get one of the largest circle pits going on the floor at the Rickshaw.

Openers for the show were Horrendous, Midnight and Obituary.  Horrendous, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, started the night warming up the crowd with selected tracks from their latest release Anareta.  Next up was the secret identity trio of Midnight from Cleveland, Ohio.  This band wears all black hoods over their heads and dish up some dark, meaty metal.  Rounding out the opening acts were American death metal Obituary out of Florida, who tore it up on stage leaving the crowd anticipating the onslaught of metal from Kreator.





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