Destin, FL – On Friday December 8, 2017, Club L.A. held the “For Eddy” benefit for a beloved local radio DJ Eddy Key, who is in dire need of a double lung transplant. 850 Music & Entertainment, and Nikki Hendrick organized the event, and all the proceeds from ticket sales, auction items, and select merchandise was donated to the cause. 

Matt Robarge at the microphone
Matt Robarge, eerily sounding similar to Claudio Sanchez. Photo Credit: © Kristina Wright 2017

Filmore Drive opened the evening, with very unique versions of some of our favorite rock songs. Matt Robarge also greatly favors Coheed”s Claudio Sanchez’s vocal style, and I adore it. 

Nik Flagstar playing the guitar
Nik Flagstar rocking out to the best Rockabilly on the planet. Photo Credit: © Kristina Wright 2017

Nik Flagstar and his Dirty,Mangy Dogs is a local band I’ve been chasing for years. Full scale Rockabilly, and super nice guys to boot. Their drummer played in his underwear, when it was like 20 degrees out. There’s something extremely rad about a guy covered in tattoos with Elvis hair, singing about werewolves and spooky surprises that just gets the blood boiling, you know?

Carmen Williams playing the guitar
Carmen Williams making her mark as the new bassist for The Helvetica Effect. Photo Credit: © Kristina Wright 2017

The Helvetica Effect I have adored for years. They have been on a bit of a hiatus, working on new material and tweaking out the member adjustments. This regeneration, with newest member Carmen Williams, and old timers Rob Perez and Matt Cyrus is the best (and most complete) version of the group I’ve seen yet. “Safety in the Raw” is how Carmen described their sound, and I have to say I agree. The rumor is, they are going to come out with their new EP in the first or second quarter of 2018. 

Shenanigans ended the night, with their fantastic covers of ALL the songs that get everyone moving. “Don’t You Forget About Me” was my favorite, mostly because they did the whole “Breakfast Club” walk across the stage mid performance. They usually all coordinate a theme for each show, and the theme this time was Carebears. Adorable, manly Carebears. With instruments, and sunglasses. 

Overall, it was an excellent night of incredible, local music; with a little “Do the right thing” thrown in for good measure. Several local (and a few international) businesses donated auction items, including a guitar autographed by the members of Korn. 

Social Links:

Filmore Drive: Website ||Facebook|| Twitter || Instagram 
Nik Flagstar and his Dirty, Mangy Dogs: Website || Facebook  
The Helvetica Effect:Website ||Facebook|| Twitter 
Shenanigans: Website || Facebook || Twitter


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