Pia Böhl ,our Germany Correspondent caught up with BRY who is currently in the middle of his European Tour . 

Photo Credit :Pia Böhl

Hi thank you for talking the time out of your Tour to have this interview with me for Patchchord News

After your tour with Twenty One Pilots ended, you released tour dates for your own tour throughout Europe in early December. They sold out pretty quickly – especially the german tour dates

BRY: Yeah, it sold out. It’s the first time that ever happened to me. I’ve  never had sold out shows but it had taken like 2 years to sell out , and the German shows sold out in 2 hours, which is fucking cool.

I saw it happen and then it got upgraded as well and got sold out again.

BRY: I know right and they sold out as well. This literally has never happened to me like I’ve got more people coming to my shows here than in Ireland, where I am from. This is actually quite depressing.

And how does it feel to step down from the size of the Twenty One Pilot shows. I mean, the crowd is still big but…

BRY: These are all people for me though, which is quite cool because even if someone is like AAAAAAAH! … making noise at the Twenty One Pilot shows, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they give a shit about me. Whereas everyone here at the club tonight gives a shit about me enough to buy a ticket, so that’s really nice and I never thought I’d have 500 like people in a venue in Germany watching me… ever. That’s so nice.

Tonight , Mari Mana is supporting you – was she supporting on previous nights?

Photo Credit :Pia Böhl

BRY: No, just tonight

Just tonight? So, when you’re leaving for the next country are there other local bands insight?

BRY: Yeah, every night is a different support act from the night before. Just thought I’d be a really nice thing to do, instead of it being the same person so…

It’s definitely nice to do

BRY: Yeah , Aye , does she sing in German? , No, I think she’s.. I am not sure?

No, I don’t think she does

BRY: Oh, so she will speak German to the crowd whereas I‘m just gonna come on and be like… although I do know a little more German than last time.

But your German last time was still good

BRY: Oh thanks. Thank you.

And the ” I Love You Part in Berlin”  it actually was alright.

BRY: Oh really?

Yeah, the dialect here. It sounds like that.

BRY: Oooooh… well, thank god. Yeah it was in Berlin were they all just laughed at me because I said.. I love… I love dick.

But in the Berlin dialect it sounds like ‘Ik liebe dik‘, so it sounded right.

BRY: Oh, damnit Germany.

You’ve said many times that Twenty One Pilots is your favorite band, since you got tour with them, what would be the next band you’d love to tour with?

BRY: I’d like to tour with Ed Sheeran or The 1975, they’re great. Ah.. that’s it really. I can’t think of any… I think an Ed Sheeran tour would be cool. Like I met him once and.. it was.. then again when I met Twenty One Pilots it didn‘t… like I just embarrassed myself the first time, so it seems to be like a recurring thing. So when I met Ed Sheeran I was just as embarrassing… like we… he went in for a hug and I didn’t know that he was gonna go in for a hug so I ended up like putting my hand in his pocket when he tried to hug me and it was just… so, I somehow I ended up getting on the Twenty One Pilot tour, despite an embarrassment, so you never now, maybe Ed will consider me one day.

Yeah.. maybe it’s your thing to be an embarrassment

BRY: .and they always remember me. Yeah, that’s nice to be remembered by that way.

The lyrics on your debut album are mostly about your wife and best friend what were other influences that got you inspired – music wise?

BRY: Music? Oh, I listen to everyone. Um.. my favourite band is Death Cab For Cutie… do you know them?

Yeah, yeah of course!

BRY: Oh yeah, I like American bands a lot. So I like Death Cab and Arcade Fire. So yeah.. I don’t know what else… let me think… I just listen to everything… like I love Katy Perry. Kinda embarrassing but.. yeah, I then listen to a really heavy kind of pop punk bands, cause I used to be a big emo when I was 15.

Me too…

BRY: Yeah? So embarrassing…but I can also listen to, you know, Adele or whatever.. that’s good – a place to be.

When you’re on tour you always have a backing band with you. Many solo artists usually have a name for their backing bands. What would you name yours?

BRY: Oh, I have a name for them – The Briddly Widdlys


BRY: I don’t know… It just became a name. I have no idea, so I introduce them as The Briddly Widdlys every night. They probably don’t like it at all.. to be honest I don’t even like it even myself. Someone just called them it once so I was just like ‘Ugh fine’.

As long as it doesn’t end up on posters and things…

BRY: Bry and the Briddly Widdlys, sounds like a pretty different show and tour that we’re gonna have.

So… last question – You’ve been to 62 countries so far?

BRY: Um.. 60.. oh I didn’t update it, sorry, 66 now.

Oh, already?

BRY: I just did a trip to China.

Sounds lovely, so what would you like number 67 to be then?

BRY: I’d like to do like the big countries this year. maybe Russia or India… something like that. I think I have an audience in Russia but I don’t think anyone cares about me in India but I can still go I guess and just busk or whatever…

Just try!

BRY: Yeah, exactly yeah!

Is there anything you’d like to add about tonight? The tour in general or your next single/music video or something?

Photo Credit :Pia Böhl

BRY: Well the next music video is for my song Disarm and that’s out in … 3 weeks ( NOTE: later on stage he said two weeks – keep an eye out for that!) and it’s got… Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter is in the music video which is fucking cool. I just asked her and thought she’d say no and then she actually agreed to do it. I am a massive Harry Potter fan, so that was a cool thing for me… and what else did I wanna say?

I wanna say that I love Germany and I have a German aunt which technically makes me part german. My german can and will only get better and everytime I come back… like what I’d love to do is just come onstage and be like „WIE GEHTS?“

…to do the whole show in german?

BRY: Yeah and even just translate my lyrics and do it but just come on and do all my kinda jokes and everything in German but it’s never gonna happen cause I am horrendous.

Maybe one day!

BRY: That would be nice, yeah would be cool but for tonight I just have.. what did I learn? I learned like 2 more phrases and I am probably gonna be too scared to say them incase I get it wrong again and end up saying something really horrible like „Ich liebe dick“, so whatever.

You could tell them to me – maybe I can help you

BRY: I have them… I haven’t actually learned.. – I have them saved on my Google Translate, so for the next hour I’m just gonna be walking around the room, just reciting them… but you never know…

Good luck with that! That’s it – thank you for your time!

Thank You 

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