Original lineup comes back stronger than ever, showing that this Family truly is forever

Asking Alexandria are an English metalcore band from York (North Yorkshire), composed of Danny Worsnop (vocals), Ben Bruce (guitars), Cameron Liddell (guitars), Sam Bettley (bass) and James Cassells (drums). They have been quite in the eye of the storm in the past couple of years, because of vocalist Danny Worsnop departure from the band first (in January 2015), and then again because of new singer Denis Stoff leaving Asking Alexandria after not even a year of promoting the band’s latest album The Black. Last October, after some time of speculation due to some social media activity between Worsnop and Bruce, it was revealed that original vocalist Danny Worsnop was officially back in the band.

Last time I saw Asking Alexandria live was October 2015, few months after Stoff joined the band and when The Black was still in the making. The vibe was kind of incredible, because of the whole positive situation, and I was expecting nothing less for tonight, for the same exact reason.

Opening act for the evening were Silent Screams and The Word Alive. I didn’t know Silent Screams and I’ve been positively impressed by their performance. The band managed to quickly warm the crowd not just for what was coming next, but for themselves. Through circle pits, a guitarist interacting with the crowd directly from the pit and the vocalist singing while crowd surfing, the night started with a bang. The Word Alive were more well known by the crowd. The band’s 8 songs setlist focused more on their previous work, but they also took the opportunity to perform their new single Misery (which came out a few hours before the show), for the first time ever.

Asking Alexandria‘s setlist did not include tracks from The Black, and that’s completely understandable, even if personally I’m a little sad, because I’ve always wanted to hear some of those tracks live…but at this point that’s probably just me, and that’s fine. The band relive their first three records with a rundown of old Asking Alexandria classics, and also bring to the stage The Road, song included in From Death To Destiny (the band’s latest album recorded with Worsnop) that they never performed live before.

I have to admit I was a little worried, though. Not because I don’t have faith in Dsnop, but just because it’s been years since he performed strong screamo vocals like in The Final Episode or A Prophecy. His style changed, vocally speaking, and I was worried he couldn’t keep up as he used to…but, as Danny sings the line “Now I’m back and I’m better than ever” from The Death Of Me, I can’t help but smile big time because oh boy, he definitely is.

Photo by Andrea Massazza

His vocals are on point, not to mention his absurd and hilarious chemistry with long-time best friend Ben Bruce. The bromance is back and stronger than ever: lots of jokes and laughs, burps, and some butt slaps, this is the friendship we all know, love and missed!

The show felt like a nostalgic drive down memory lane but, at the same time, a summary of all the things the guys in Asking Alexandria went through, before heading to a new chapter. The original line-up of the band made a strong comeback, showing that the AA Family truly is forever.


  1. Welcome
  2. Dear Insanity
  3. To The Stage
  4. (Dedication) / Someone, Somewhere
  5. Run Free
  6. The Death Of Me (Rock Mix)
  7. Moving On
  8. The Road
  9. A Prophecy
  10. Not The American Average
  11. The Final Episode (Let’s Change The Channel)
  12. A Single Moment Of Sincerity

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