Full house at Legend Club, in occasion of Anewrage’s “Life-Related Symptoms” release party 

Anewrage are an alternative metal band from Milan (Italy) composed of Axel Capurro (vocals), Manuel Sanfilippo (guitars, backing vocals), Simone Martin (bass), Christian Salvatore (guitars) and Alessandro Ferrarese (drums). Their debut album “ANR” was released in 2014 and got them the chance to share the stage with national and international acts such as Gamma Ray, Dreamshade, and Destrage. In 2016, the band signed with Scarlet Records and released “ANR – Deluxe Edition”, which included the new single “Nina” and an acoustic version of “Red Wet Lips”. Anewrage’s second work “Life-Related Symptoms” came out April 7th, 2017. They are currently on an Italian tour promoting the album, and will be hitting the UK in June.

I’d like to spend some words to acknowledge the fact that Legend Club confirms itself as a reference point for the local scene, bringing together four bands from different parts of Italy.

The first band to hit the stage was New Disorder, a five-piece alternative metal band from Rome. They are also promoting their latest album “Deception”, which came out this year. The band’s setlist offered all tracks taken from the new album but one, “From Life To Death”, taken from 2013 album “Dissociety”. New Disorder presented a good mix of rock and metal, with catchy and slightly epic melodies sustained by guitar riffs and fast drumming, combined with multicolored vocals: clean, but also growl and scream.

Fake Idols are a band from northern Italy formed in 2013, from the union of three well-known European rock/metal bands: Raintime, Slowmotion Apocalypse, and Jar Of Bones. Their latest album “Witness” came out in September 2016, and includes a featuring with Motörhead legend Phil Campbell on the track “Mad Fall” (he also starred in the music video). Fake Idols presented a nine track setlist, giving a homogeneous mix of both their records “Fake Idols” and “Witness”. Their performance is highly energetic and secretes lots of adrenaline, vented through head-banging and powerful guitar riffs. The band brings on stage what can be called modern hard-rock, mixed with a touch of progressive and heavy metal.

Never Trust is a female-fronted rock’n’roll band from Milan. Their debut record “Morning Light” came out in 2013 and the band released their second album “The Line” last year. A part of “Get Lucky” (originally performed by Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams), the band presented all tracks taken from their latest record “The Line”. Their sound reminds somehow of Paramore, mixed with more classic rock influences, while the vocals have some Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale vibe. In this sense, a track that really stood out for me was “Razor’s Edge”.

Talking about Anewrage, I could borrow their own lyrics and just say “The performance was absolutely phenomenal”, but it wouldn’t be fair, or enough. When you attend an Anewrage gig, you can see with your own eyes what a promising band looks like. From my point of view, this band has everything: strong raw vocals, technics, the right amount of catchy melodies, but also variety in subjects and sound (especially in this new record), showing an open-minded approach and a neverending willing to grow and experiment.

Photo Credit : Andrea Kronos Photography

The band opened the set coming on stage in almost complete darkness, then strongly get into the performance with “Nina”, and continued adding “My Worst Friend” and “Nerveball” to the combo. “The Backflip Irony” is a crowd favorite and got the audience going mad. Not only the band performed a long set, but decided to gave actual significance to the ‘party’ part in ‘release party’ and invited special guests on stage to perform with them. For “Insight”, we had the special appearance of Giulia Osservati (Electric Ballroom), while for the frustrated-aggressive track “Rotten” we had Matt Massa (Arms Like Anchors) on stage, screaming into the microphone. The album came out just the day before the show so it wasn’t known by word yet, but the crowd was very active and participatory throwing hands in the hair, clapping, and there was also a circle pit at some point. After “Clockwork Therapy”, vocalist Axel Capurro built up the crowd’s mood for “Ape’s Legacy” (another favorite from the band’s first record “ANR”), song that brought the real madness in the house. The set closed with “Wolves And Sirens”, that is also the last track on the new record.

It wasn’t just a gig for a new record release. It was a real party, starring Anewrage (also celebrating their 8 years birthday, and welcoming new member Christian Salvatore to the band) and all their guests. Audience included.

Setlist Anewrage:

  1. Intro
  2. Nina
  3. My Worst Friend
  4. Nerveball
  5. The Backflip Irony
  6. Outside
  7. Insight (feat. Giulia Osservati)
  8. Evolution Circle
  9. Tomorrow
  10. Upside Down
  11. Dancefloor
  12. All The Way
  13. Rotten (feat. Matt Massa)
  14. Clockwork Therapy
  15. Ape’s Legacy
  16. Wolves And Sirens
  17. Outro

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