The Patchchordnews.com was started in September 2016 by Scott Whiteman and Martin Bone who love music and photography but were frustrated by some of the other websites out there.

The best way to describe Patchchord News is a music magazine meets a photograph essay magazine.

So to accomplish this goal, Patchchordnews.com has got together photographers and writers around the world.  And we are focusing on the areas they do best by covering the industries they love.

The goal of this site, and the people involved with it, is to report on the entertainment, music, technology industry. This coverage will be with in depth interviews and reviews of what the entertainment can offer.

So if you are a local band, national band, musician or a publicist/PR representing an artist or item, or just an artist looking for exposure. Then  Patchchord News might be able to help you.

We strive to document, photograph and review to get you the exposure you need.